Please stand up for voting rights in Washington!

The freedom to vote for 25,000 Washington voters is on the line, and the clock is ticking.

Right now, people serving custody after incarceration aren’t allowed to vote in Washington. That means that despite serving their time, around 25,000 eligible voters are needlessly shut out of our democracy. Powerful special interests have rigged the system in their favor with harmful rules like this one that disproportionately affect low-income and black and brown voters. Our voting system should welcome people with a conviction history back into civic life by encouraging them to vote, not silencing their voices.

We can restore voting rights to 25,000 of eligible voters by ending this rule — but we can’t do it without your help. Our state Senate needs to pass this critical rights restoration bill before 5pm tomorrow, or it’ll be too late.

Lawmakers need to hear our voices. Urge them to support rights restoration for voters serving custody today!

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Tell your legislators to support voting rights in Washington!

Email your lawmakers today and tell them to stand up for voting rights in Washington!
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I pledge to stand up for our democracy!

We, the undersigned, recognize that the freedom to vote is our most fundamental right. We recognize that our democracy is at its strongest when all eligible voters can make their voice heard, no matter their race, skin color, country of origin, class, faith, gender, language, or ability. We recognize that in order to achieve this vision, we must continue to make our voting system less complicated and more accessible so every voter can participate.

Last year, Washington state passed the historic Access to Democracy package of legislation, making our voting system one of the most advanced, secure, and accessible in nation. But our work isn’t over — as a national leader for the freedom to vote, we need to keep moving forward to ensure our democracy is at its strongest. As voters and proud Washingtonians, we strongly support the following policies:

  • Implementing the Access to Democracy bills fully and on time, including Automatic Voter Registration, Same Day Registration, Pre-Registration for 16 & 17 Year Olds, and the Washington Voting Rights Act
  • Approving permanent paid postage for all election ballots
  • Passing the Native American Voting Rights Act to increase ballot dropbox access on reservations and to ensure Native American voters can register using a tribal ID
  • Restoring voting rights to eligible formerly incarcerated individuals currently serving probation
  • Ending prison gerrymandering so our districts accurately reflect our communities

We call on our elected leaders to join us in creating the strongest possible democracy where every voice is heard and every vote is counted, no matter what.


The Washington Voting Justice Coalition

    Urge your councilmembers to support prepaid postage for ballots in King County!

    Email your King County Councilmembers today and tell them to support prepaid postage for ballots in King County!


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    Get Engaged on Voting Rights

    The Washington State Legislature convened on Monday, January 8th and in the next 60 days, the Washington Voting Justice Coalition is working non-stop to pass several policies that would fundamentally change our democracy and give voice to tens of thousands of voters across the state.

    It’s an exciting time to engage in making sure every vote is counted and every voice is heard in Washington. Below are our priority policy issues and immediate ways to take action to modernize our voting system.


    AVR gives eligible citizens a chance to have their voice heard and their vote counted in Washington State by modernizing our voter registration system. House Bill 2595 would automatically register voters who get Enhanced Driver’s Licenses through the Department of Licensing, receive services through the Health Benefit Exchange, and creates a pathway for other state agencies interacting with voters to automatically register or update their registration information. AVR saves money, and creates more efficient and accurate voter registration systems, improving the process for voters and those responsible for administering elections.


    The Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA) ensures that every voter has an equal opportunity to elect the candidate of their choice. Local democracy is strongest when everyone is engaged and has an opportunity to have their voice heard. However, across Washington state, election systems have failed to keep up with the changing demographics of our cities, towns and school districts – excluding communities of color from a fair chance at representation. Senate Bill 6002/House Bill 1800 provides the necessary protections for both voters and local governments by creating a clear and collaborative process for addressing polarized voting. The WVRA promotes stronger local elections by giving every voter a fair chance to elect leaders of their choice.


    Washingtonians need to be able to register to vote during the times when they are most aware and excited about voting. Currently, voter registration ends 29 days before an election unless you can travel to a County auditor office and register in person within 8 days of an Election. Senate Bill 6021/House Bill 2297 changes these deadlines so voters can register to vote up until Election Day and not be left out of important elections. Specifically, this bill allows people to register to vote online or with a paper form that gets mailed in within 8 days of an election, or register in person at a County Auditor office or voting center by 8pm on Election Day.


    House Bill 1513 allows 16 and 17 year olds to pre-register to vote in high schools, online, in-person, and at the Department of Licensing. They would then receive their ballot when they turn 18 and are eligible to vote. Engaging voters at a young age leads to increased participation over a lifetime


    Taking action to support these bills is as easy as leaving a message in Olympia. The more your elected officials hear from you, the more they know these are priorities for passing in a short legislative session.

    Please take two minutes between 8am and 7pm on a weekday to call 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message with an operator who will deliver it to your elected officials. In your message, say: “Please support access to democracy so every Washingtonian’s voice is heard. Vote now for HB 2595, SB 6002/HB 1800, SB 6021/HB 2297, and HB 1513”.