Who We Are

The WA Voting Justice Coalition is a group of community organizations and individuals, dedicated to voting rights and access in Washington State. We believe that the vote is our tool, as ordinary people, to have a voice in our government. Washingtonian voters should have the opportunity to cast their ballot, and have it counted.

Past Legislative Priorities

Read about the voting justice bills we helped pass, and what to expect in the future

GOTV Toolkit

Download printable materials for tabling, canvassing, and educating the public about voting rights in Washington.

Our Values

The Washington Voting Justice Coalition supports reforming the root causes of low turnout and voter registration rates. We believe that these problems are built into our political, civic, and cultural practices and that the first step to change is addressing the way we do our work. As a coalition, we strive for equity, transparency, and the centering of those most affected.

Our Guiding Principles


We are creating a vibrant movement that leads with racial equity by prioritizing and being accountable to communities most impacted by voting barriers.


We will redefine a win that’s creative, transformative, and radical that isn’t only defined by what policies we win, but how we are able to do it.


We have a transparent and equitable decision-making process and resource allocation model that focuses on those most impacted by voting access issues.


Volunteer for Ranked Choice Voting

July 4, July 12-14

Join FairVote Washington in celebrating the 4th of July in Auburn and tabling at Summer Fest West Seattle to educate fair-goers about ranked-choice voting (RCV) at our table! We’ll have conversations about ranked-choice voting, give out candy, and celebrate the promise of democracy.

Candidate Survivor

July 24


The Washington Bus Education Fund and The Stranger have teamed up to host a seafaring extravaganza to let YOU shape that future. Watch candidates sweat through salty inquisitions, sing sea shanties, and lip synch for their land-lubbin’ lives – all hosted by Seattle drag icon Miss Texas 1988!

Gather Signatures at Kent Farmers’ Market

Saturdays through August

OneAmerica Votes is gathering signatures to change City of Kent’s at-large city council seats to district seats! When all voters are engaged and have an opportunity to have their voices heard – our local democracy is strongest. We are at the Kent Farmers Market every Saturday until August 15th from 10AM-2PM.


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2024 WVJC Legislative Priorities We passed four out of six of the voting justice reforms that we supported last year! Let’s keep that energy going in 2024. Without further ado, here are the reforms we want to see in Washington this legislative session, plus onepagers for […]
Our friends at the WA Voting Rights Restoration Coalition are excited to bring a lineup of mural installations across Washington to celebrate our state’s restoration of voting rights. They are organizing three events for the formerly incarcerated community to engage, register to vote, and kick off […]