Legislative Priorities 2023

Read about the voting justice bills to watch this year

Who We Are

The WA Voting Justice Coalition is a group of community organizations and individuals, dedicated to voting rights and access in Washington State. We believe that the vote is our tool, as ordinary people, to have a voice in our government. Washingtonian voters should have the opportunity to cast their ballot, and have it counted.

Our Values

The Washington Voting Justice Coalition supports reforming the root causes of low turnout and voter registration rates. We believe that these problems are built into our political, civic, and cultural practices and that the first step to change is addressing the way we do our work. As a coalition, we strive for equity, transparency, and the centering of those most affected.

Our Guiding Principles


We are creating a vibrant movement that leads with racial equity by prioritizing and being accountable to communities most impacted by voting barriers.


We will redefine a win that’s creative, transformative, and radical that isn’t only defined by what policies we win, but how we are able to do it.


We have a transparent and equitable decision-making process and resource allocation model that focuses on those most impacted by voting access issues.


GOTV with the Bus

Various dates until Election Day

Table, canvass, call, and tex voters with the Washington Bus!

Future Voter Hubs

October 21 – 28

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle is hosting pop-up Future Voter Hubs, offering a variety of support services to help empower voters. Learn about voter eligibility, register to vote, print your personalized ballot and voter guide, and vote with us! This is a safe space to learn about voting open to ALL community members!

Pacific Islander Voter Outreach

October 21 and November 4, 5-7pm

In person at the UTOPIA Office in Kent, WA!

Join Fuse and UTOPIA in person as we phone bank Pacific Islander voters for the general election!


For immediate release Contact: Abigail Leong info@wavotingjustice.org Washington Removes Barrier for Voters by Eliminating Advisory Votes Lawmakers pass Senate Bill 5082 to replace these nonbinding ballot items with truthful online information         OLYMPIA, Wash. – On Friday night, state lawmakers passed a bill to remove advisory votes from Washington ballots. These items ask voters if they would prefer […]
For immediate release Contact: Abigail Leong info@wavotingjustice.org Washington Removes Driver’s License Barrier for Online Voter Registration Thanks to Senate Bill 5208, all eligible voters can now register online OLYMPIA, Wash. – On Monday, Washington lawmakers passed a bill to allow people without driver’s licenses to register […]
For immediate release Contact: Abigail Leong info@wavotingjustice.org Washington Upgrades Automatic Voter Registration State Lawmakers Pass Senate Bill 5112 to Make Registration Truly Automatic at the DMV OLYMPIA, Wash. – On Friday, state lawmakers passed Senate Bill 5112, which makes voter registration truly automatic for Washingtonians applying […]