We support the following policies, many of which we’ve been working towards for several years. For updates on current bills before the legislature and the activities of our diverse coalition, please sign up for our email list and connect with us on Facebook.

Policy Objectives

We strive to build a culture of self-determination in civic engagement through policies like:

Pre-Registration for 16 & 17 year olds

Same Day Voter Registration

Increasing online access for people with disabilities

Enfranchising current and formerly incarcerated individuals

We work to build a system that promotes access and equity for every Washingtonian through policies like:

Increasing the number of languages that voting information is available in

Adding pre-paid postage to ballots

Increasing the amount of drop boxes around the state in areas where voter participation is lower

We believe in raising Washington to a national standard of effective, equitable, and participatory democracy through policies like:

Automatic Voter Registration

Washington Voting Rights Act

Full compliance with the National Voter Registration and Voting Rights Acts