There is a key problem with Washington’s elections. Voter turnout, civic participation, and electoral representation show a clear trend in Washington. Those who are older and white have higher voter registration rates, turnout more often, and are more demographically represented in elected office. People of color, young people, low-income individuals, and many other Washingtonians are registering and turning out at much lower rates. This perpetuates a cycle that prioritizes engagement of older white voters over others. The result is a state in which some are actively civically engaged and others are excluded by default. When certain groups have the power to elect people who make decisions for all of us, it means our voices and needs are not getting met and given unequal access to resources and representation. Around the country we are seeing active voter suppression – like voter ID laws, voter purges, and limiting the time people can vote. As a coalition, we refuse to let that happen in our state and instead seek to be a national model around ensuring all people have their votes counted and voices heard.