It’s been a busy legislative session in Olympia for the Washington Voting Justice Coalition. HB 2574, Reforming Washington’s Redistricting Commission, was passed out of the House and is currently moving through the Senate. But unless legislators hear how important this bill is to the rest of us, it could die. This is a once-in-a-decade chance to help our redistricting commission truly meet the needs of our communities — will you take a moment to email legislators?

Washington is a national leader for protecting the freedom to vote, but our redistricting process has fallen behind. In 2011, when Washington last redrew its maps, voters called for more opportunities to weigh in, more updates from the commission, and more language access for non-English speakers. Accurate, accountable redistricting is fundamental to a representative democracy. This legislative session, lawmakers are considering a groundbreaking bill that would make WA’s redistricting process one of the best in the country:

  • Create public forums statewide to solicit feedback from community members
  • Increase language access and translation services for non-English speaking voters and communities
  • Appoint redistricting commissioners earlier and pay them adequately so they can do their job with the focus it deserves
  • Require more public updates from commissioners to increase transparency

This can’t wait. If we don’t take action now, it’ll be another 10 years before we’re able to make these important changes. All communities deserve to be heard and accurately represented in our democracy.

Send a message today to tell legislators to support modernizing Washington’s redistricting process!

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