2023 Voting Rights Victories in WA

This year, our state lawmakers made Washington an even better state to be a voter! Thanks to people like you who advocated for our rights, here are four amazing changes that passed in 2023.

  1. We removed the ID barrier for online voter registration (SB 5208) 
    Everyone will soon be allowed to register to vote online, even if you don’t have a Washington driver’s license.
  2. We eliminated advisory votes (SB 5082) 
    We finally got rid of those confusing advisory votes cluttering our ballots, making voting more accessible, and ensuring everything on our ballot has the power to create real change.
  3. We strengthened the Washington Voting Rights Act (HB 1048) 
    It will now be easier and less expensive for communities of color to seek justice against discriminatory election practices
  4. We upgraded our Automatic Voter Registration (SB 5112) 
    Voter registration at the DMV will be truly automatic for enhanced licenses, registering more voters and protecting noncitizens from accidentally trying to register.

Celebrate and spread the word about these amazing new laws! It’s thanks to your activism that our state is such a great place to be a voter. 


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