Group Messages:

Initial text message to group chat (Voter Registration):

“Hi, friends! Is everyone registered to vote? You have to re-register if you’ve moved, but it’s really easy to do and super important this year!”

If anyone hasn’t registered:

“You can register or check your registration at – let me know if you need any help! They have to receive your online or mail registration by Oct. 26 – can you register today?”

Initial text message to group chat (Census):

“Also, did you hear they extended the deadline for the Census to Oct. 31? Has everyone filled that out for your household?”

If anyone hasn’t filled out the census:

“The site is – it is the easiest form in the world and takes only 2 minutes to do. Can you fill it out today?”

Make sure to thank people at the end, and voila! You are now a relational organizer! You can share this challenge with them as well if you want a civic engagement buddy for the next month.

Individual Messages:

Initial message (Voter Registration):

“Hi! The election is coming up very soon, so I thought I would check in with my friends/family to make sure everyone’s ready to go. Have you already registered?”

If they have registered:

“That’s great! If you could just double check at to make sure it went through and that your address is accurate, that would be awesome. [if they have moved recently, remind them they have to re-register if they change addresses].”

If they have not registered:

“If you need any help registering, I would love to give you a hand! You can register online, print out a paper form, or order a form to be mailed to you at The registrations have to be received really soon (Oct. 26), so we should take care of it now!”

Ask if they have questions after they respond. Find all sorts of voter information and FAQs at

Initial Message (Vote!):

“Hi! Ballots are going out this week in Washington state – have you gotten yours yet?”

If they respond no, ask if they have registered, then continue the script above for voter registration.

If they respond yes:

“Awesome! Have you already voted?”

If they respond yes:

“That’s great! Remember we should track our ballots this week at to make sure our votes actually get counted. And if you want to join me in getting out the vote, you can check in like this with a few of your voting friends today. There’s a whole guide I have been using at”

If they respond no:

“Cool! Do you need help making a plan to vote or finding voter information? Because of possible slowdowns with the post, we’re trying to vote as early as possible this year.”

If they need help with deciding who to vote for, consider telling them about one of the candidates or initiatives/referendums you chose as your “champion” earlier in the challenge. You can also point them to the voter guides and information here:

Make sure to thank people at the end, and voila! Your relational organizing has made a big difference! You can share this challenge with them as well if you want a civic engagement buddy for the rest of the challenge.

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